Do you have your 2022 gate key card?   If you do not it is probably because you have not submitted the form with current personal contact information and signatures stating the you have read and understand the gun range safety policies and that you also understand how to construct, erect and place targets on the gun range in order to ensure that your shots going down range hit the earthen berm back stop.  This is MANDATORY training in order to access and utilize the club facilities.  The chart below details the last remaining opportunities to get this MANDATORY training.  Do not miss out.  This is the final month that training will be provided.

Note: Location for Monday(s), Wednesday(s), and Sunday is at the Indoor Range

Located at 720 S. Bloomington Street in Streator IL.

Times of Training





6:00 p.m.



6:00 p.m.



6:00 p.m.



10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


7:00 p.m.

(see note below)


ATTENTION!! NOTE:  The last and absolute final opportunity to receive the MANDATORY gun safety and range target placement protocol training is May 19th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sandy Ford Clubhouse located on 1368th N. 18th Road, Leonore Road.  Any and all members who have not yet received this training session have missed out on many opportunities at various times of day on multiple days of the week.  These opportunities will have been offered for five months by the time the monthly membership is held on the 19th of May.  Again, this is a mandatory meeting for every member in order to receive a 2022 gate key card.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  This includes you!

Thanks very much Craig Martin for his efforts to provide training!!


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