1. The gate must be locked at all times when entering & leaving with exception of scheduled events.

2. Everyone MUST sign in and out.

3. Everyone must register his or her catch.

4. No member shall loan his or her key/card or ID card to anyone other than eligible family member.

5. Anyone 18 years of age or older must have their own membership.

6. Only immediate family of the member may fish this lake. That is, spouse, daughter, son, stepdaughter, stepson and grandchildren who are under 18 years of age and living within the household of the member and is not married.

7. No non-member guests are allowed to fish, unless that person resides 100 or more miles from Streator, and is visiting the member on vacation. That member must notify President or Vice-President as to the number of guests that will be with you.

8. No discarding of any type of trash or chemical into the lake or on lake property.

9. Please take your litter home with you.

10. No fireworks, Pyrotechnics or explosives of any type allowed on these premises.

11. All state fishing laws are in force at all times.

12. The use of electronic devices to take fish is prohibited.

13. No firearms allowed.

14. No Hunting.

15. No swimming or wading.

16. No boats.

17. No frog hunting.

18. No seining.

19. No troutlines.

20. No snowmobiles, ATVs, or dirt bikes.

21. Ice fishing is permitted but, no ice shanty or related equipment shall be left on the ice when the fisherman leaves the premises.