1. No alcoholic beverages (opened or unopened) on shooting range.

2. All shooting on Club grounds is recommended with 2 people or more.

3. All shooting down range (see below) and or into back stop to avoid ricochets leaving the range.

4. Any member caught shooting range property, such as trees, trap building, etc. will be removed from the Club.

5. All targets must be packed up and taken with you.

6. No motor vehicles allowed on shooting range. All vehicles must be kept in the parking area.

7. Scheduled public shoots preside over target shooting, that is, Cowboy Action, 3-D Bow, Trap and DCM. A. 3-D Bow Shoot, range is restricted 7AM till 4PM B. Range restricted from 8 AM to 4PM on days security force shoots.

8. No glass containers on shooting range.

9. Only paper targets balloons or rim-fire metal targets can be used, NOTHING else, with the exception of steel targets for Cowboy Action or instructed by range officer for a specific event.

10. Any member caught shooting or destroying CLUB PROPERTY (range equipment and chairs, etc.) other than paper targets WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CLUB AND LEGAL ACTION TAKEN.

11. NO SHOT larger than 7-1/2 on trap range and all other shot into approved backstop only.

12. No range rental other than approved by the Board of Directors. In October, November and December till after deer season, @ middle of month (15th).

13. DO NOT use the numbered target frames that were made for registered matches for general shooting.

14. ALL Targets should/shall be placed at 3′ to 4’ above the ground to assure that the (projectiles) bullets/pellets will impact the approved back stop.

15. NO Targets may be set directly on the ground or within 10 yards of you.

16. No fireworks, pyrotechnics or explosives targets, either commercial or homemade, of any type, are allowed on these premises.

17. Recommended to have appropriate eye and hearing protection for shooters and non-shooters while on range.

18. Know your Impact Zone of fire, all muzzles pointed in safe direction and down-range.

19. Non-shooters and spectators must stay at a safe distance behind loading and firing lines.

20. Range privileges can be denied to any member or members who do not comply with all of the Range rules and regulations, included here, and posted at the range. If you violate these rules, you will be asked to leave the range and could possibly lose your membership.

21. This is not an all-inclusive list. If you have any questions, contact the Board of Directors for clarifications.